How Universell can help to increase revenue and reduce cost with examples

Running a business is a demanding process, and you can often feel pulled in a million directions at once. Not only do you have to worry about consistently managing your brand, but also continuously growing your online presence, audience, sales, etc. Then, there’s overseeing and managing your staff, accounting, and making sure you always have the best tools to power your business.

If this sounds like you, then Universell might just be the Game Changer that your small business has been waiting for. We’ve developed an all-in-one, done-for-you platform that combines the functionality of 10+ top business tools with the service of a dedicated business success manager.

Our UI is designed to be similar to most modern, top-of-the-line CRM, payment, and inventory management solutions. To top it off, you get personalized business success management services from our team of top experts.

We believe that this is a unique value proposition for our clients to unlock the true potential of their brands. What’s more, Universell can cut your costs by over $4k/year in tools alone, or $30/k in total operational costs. Moreover, with our ‘Grow’ or ‘Expand’ plans, you will save a minimum of $80k! That’s a massive boost to your ROI. And that’s on the top of the statistically measured up to 100% gains in revenue and up to 800% gains in productivity.

Also, Universell doesn’t require any specialized skills or expertise to operate. In fact, up to 90% of Universell’s value is delivered via out-of-the-box services and actionable insights.

We know what you’re thinking: talk is cheap.
So, in this article, we will break down exactly how
our service has the potential to help you:

More revenue

Lower costs

Achieve measurable results

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Universell can do for your business

As an all-in-one, done-for-you service, the number, and variety of features are extensive. They cover almost every area of your business. And all these tools are fully integrated with each offer to offer a seamless, unified experience.

However, don’t forget that you don’t just get features with Universell. Our unique offering means you also get the expert, 1-on-1 service to ensure that you get the best out of the Universell platform.




Build beautiful websites, Run marketing campaigns, Reach more customers across all channels, and run loyalty programs to build fans for life.



Accept payment from any channel, up to zero credit card processing fees*. Virtual POS, Cryptocurrency and all your favorite cutting-edge payment solutions.



Never miss an order, or forget to update inventory, or lose track of deliveries. Manage employees, customers, documents, all from a single place.


Grow and Expand

Actionable and ready-to-implement insights bringing up to 10X higher revenue. We implement result-oriented strategies and measure success.



On this page , we have put together an in-depth review of some of Universell’s features and capabilities which you could check out. Now, let's jump right into how Universell can help you boost revenue, cut costs, and achieve lasting results.

What will this mean for your business?

It's not enough to know what a service can do for your business. All the most sophisticated,
polished, and impressive tools in the world don’t mean much if they don’t bring results.

That’s where Universell goes a step beyond. Because we offer a done-for-you service, our commitment doesn’t stop once you pay for our platform. We continuously work with you to realize your business goals and ensure that you get results from using our system.

We focused on the three essential pillars that define success for any online brand:

  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • Measurable results

Each tool above is meant to help you improve your business’ performance in one of these areas.

More revenue

The end goal of any profit-oriented business should be to generate more revenue. More revenue means greater cash flow which means more resources to grow your business and try new things.

There are multiple ways in which leveraging Universell will help improve the revenue-generating potential of your business:

Omnichannel presence

Quickly and easily build your professional online business place using fully-integrated Google Shop or Webstore. Find, engage, and sell to your customers wherever you find them on the web.

Multiple payment options

Offer various payment options (including crypto) that are widely used, convenient, safe, fast, and trusted. Accept payments from popular processors, like Visa and Mastercard, or even cryptocurrencies.

Track and monitor leads

Gain visibility into each step of your customer's sales journey. Use it to nurture and convert your leads by not missing out on opportunities. Our CRM tracks data from social media, transaction data, and offline sales. That enables you to gain complete sales pipeline visibility by the sales journey stage, channel, and employee and track conversion rates, volume, and other key metrics.

Actionable insights

Don’t just see what is happening, but dig deeper to see why and how. Use this insight to make better business decisions going forward and grow your business by 2x - 10x. We will configure and use highly specialized KPIs, such as:

  • Competitor/Industry vs. CPC/CVR/CTR metrics
  • Performance by customer Segment
  • Most profitable segments to target
  • Performance by channel and channel selection,
  • Cross-data reports between the above categories that can be cross-referenced with metrics like Content performance, Ad, and KW Analysis.

Implement goal-oriented campaigns

We help you formulate and execute battle-tested strategies to achieve measurable success according to metrics developed explicitly for your business. The Universel team will use data specific to your business helping you to:

  • Create multiple strategies to test,
  • Execute and Test those strategies, and
  • Identify the best possible combination of success variables (KPIs), content, and offerings to create a repeatable success ‘formula’.

Lower costs

Of course, revenue is only one-half of the story, with your operational costs being the other half.
To maintain healthy margins and maximize your profits, you need to manage costs.

Simply passing costs on to your consumers will result in you out-pricing yourself. On the other hand, lowering costs lets, you maintain healthy profits while pricing your products or services competitively.

To do this, you need to see exactly where your money is going and what your ROI is for specific activities. Our in-depth reporting and analysis tools give you complete visibility over all your business's incoming and outgoing transactions. This gives you the ability to formulate insights about how to prioritize your spending.

However, the Universell platform also allows you to enjoy other potential savings:

  • Effectively, Universell comes with ten powerful SMB tools packed in one, potentially saving SMBs up to $30k/year.
  • A dedicated 1-on-1 business success manager will save you at least $50k/year compared with a full-time Business Assistant or consultant. Your success manager will help you with all aspects related to setting up and using Universell, including:
    1. Deployment
    2. Implementation & integration
    3. Strategy, insights & analytics
    4. Day-to-day data entry, processes, updates, and maintenance
  • Additionally, you will save time, money, and effort managing your budget with everything rolled into one service.

Furthermore, because Universell is a fully-managed platform, you’re shielded from the technicalities of using the software. Your dedicated business success manager is a one-person team of 5 experts! That means you don’t need a large IT support team to solve issues or maintain the system, reducing the footprint of your human resource management and payroll.

Measurable results

Business is business. Any investment you make into the success of your brand should show measurable, black-and-white results. That’s why we work closely with you to establish goal-oriented strategies to measure your success.

Every business is unique and will face a different journey to success. Likewise, each company will have its unique way of defining success and what it means to them.

Regardless, our platform has been shown to deliver measurable results for various online brands. Working with Universell has been shown to provide:

  • Up to 2X increased revenue
  • Up to 8-9 X increased productivity
  • Up to 2 hours per day saved for SMB owners. This includes time spent using systems such as the CRM, collating data and coordinating reports, managing and assigning tasks, etc.
“Getting Universell has been a transformative change for my business and personal life. They take care of everything from getting a software to managing it on a day-to-day basis. All my marketing, payments, invoicing, and orders are finally in place, and I have more time available for myself.”
Daniel R.
SMB Owner

more Revenue
with our Marketing Suite


Annual Savings
spent on 10 different tools


Productivity through our
connected platform

How much can you save with Universell?

Let’s look at a few real-world scenarios regarding the cost of some popular online business tools.
We’ll show how the cost of these tools typically adds up to cost your business a significant amount.

For this example, we’ll suppose a small business with around 20 employees using various popular business tools. And, we’ll compare that with Universell’s offering, which includes a fully-managed concierge service that will help you take full advantage of all the tools at your disposal.

Now, there are two ways in which Universell can help you save money:

  • By totally replacing the cost of other tools, products, or concierge services.
  • By reducing the time needed for concierge services by automating and streamlining processes.

The average cost of similar systems that handle all sales, payments, marketing, and business integrations is roughly $340/month. A separate tool to handle all your project management, internal communication, approvals & controls, and automation would cost another $320/month. If you consider other reporting, inventory, analytics, marketing integrations etc. tools, total costs can increase by about the same amount, or about another $300/month.

Even by themselves, that’s more than the $600/month you would typically pay for Universell on an average. However, together, it’s roughly $1,000/mo or about 50% higher.

Using Universell instead of conventional solutions could save you about $4k/year.

That’s not all, Universell provides you with a personal business success manager. We estimate that this will cut the workforce needed to operate and maintain your business tools by up to ~130.7 hours/month. That’s another $3,911/month in savings.

Universell can also reduce your dependence on third-party services to just 46.1 hours. That means your total bill will only be $1,383/month - saving you roughly $2,528/month in time costs.

Taken together, that equals well over $30k/year in savings just by switching the way you do business to an all-in-one, turn-key solution like Universell.

Ready to unlock limitless revenue
& productivity potential while saving
$30k a year?


Basically, you can go about tooling your new business in two ways.

The first is to go for individual solutions and services and stack them on top of each other. Depending on your needs, your stack may look something like this:

Shopify or Wordpress for CMS + Hubspot (Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, Service Hub, CMS) + SproutSocial + A few other marketing Tools + Payment Gateways + POS Systems (like Square POS) + Inventory & Shipping Management systems + Analytics and Reporting Platforms. Not to mention the services of a dedicated business assistant.

Or, you can unlock all of those features and capabilities rolled into a single, all-in-one solution: Universell. We “make it happen” by combining tools and services in a unified, convenient, and cost-effective platform.

While no business solution can guarantee success, we believe that Universell offers a solid foundation to power your business and give you the best chance at success. Our tool covers everything you need, including:

  • The nuts and bolts to create, launch and scale your online presence.
  • The marketing tools to promote it and grow your audience across any channel.
  • The ability to track and analyze critical business information for actionable insights
  • The one-on-one support helps you adopt and execute goal-oriented strategies.

Ready to discover the future of work with
Universell platform & done-for-you services?

Start your Free Trial to check it out yourself or get in touch for more details.