Universell Features

Universell is an all-in-one system that addresses everything that a small business needs to operate efficiently.

We cover everything including your website and online store creation, maintenance to payments. Plus, there’s business marketing, a CRM, sales, orders, shipping, and inventory. We even cover employee management. In fact, the support and growth services we offer are extensive.

However, don’t forget, you don’t just get features with Universell. Our unique offering means you receive an expert, 1-on-1 service to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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Build beautiful websites, Run marketing campaigns, Reach more customers across all channels, and run loyalty programs to build fans for life.



Accept payment from any channel, up to zero credit card processing fees*. Virtual POS, Cryptocurrency and all your favorite cutting-edge payment solutions.



Never miss an order, or forget to update inventory, or lose track of deliveries. Manage employees, customers, documents, all from a single place.


Grow and Expand

Actionable and ready-to-implement insights bringing up to 10X higher revenue. We implement result-oriented strategies and measure success.



On this page, we have put together an in-depth review of some of Universell’s features and capabilities. Feel free to skip this article if you already know about the features it offers and want to jump right into how Universell can help you boost revenue, cut costs, and achieve lasting results, click here.


If no one knows your brand exists, what it offers, or why they should buy from you, you’re not going
to generate any sales. To be competitive, your brand needs adequate visibility wherever you do
business, whether it’s on Amazon or your own online store.

To that effect, you can create an entire, sales-ready 1-click shop for your brand in no time. Not to mention reaching customers wherever they spend time online - social media, email, Google Shop, etc.

Omnichannel Marketing

To generate valuable leads for your business, you need to be able to target potential customers effectively, wherever they are.

Universell provides insights into your customers’ behavior on different platforms, so you can tailor communications and nurture leads accordingly. And, with integrated selling, you can reduce friction and maximize your selling potential.

So, whether your presence is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else, you’ll be able to capitalize on it.

Marketing Automation

Automation is key to running effective and efficient campaigns across all your digital channels.

Universell provides you with an entire team of experts to make sure all your marketing campaigns run like clockwork. Scheduling tools and follow-up notifications will help your efforts stay on track without letting communication opportunities slip through the cracks.

Monitoring and analytics capabilities ensure each customer’s sales journey can be analyzed from start to finish.

CRM System

Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems have been shown to increase sales significantly. It gives businesses access to better customer data, increases conversion rates, and helps provide improved user experiences.


Universell CRM platform + service will help
to supercharge your customer interactions by
helping you:


Perform lead
generation campaigns


your contacts


Track interactions with
customers and prospects


Schedule and manage


Automate sales pipelines
with tailored experiences

Using a CRM will enable you to maximize your customer relationships without it taking up all your
time. With an in-depth understanding of what makes your customers tick, you’ll ensure that the
relationship is mutually beneficial.

Promote Customer Loyalty

It’s at least 5x cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.

By providing existing customers with special offers, Universell can increase the chance they’ll do business with you again. This can take the form of gift cards, coupons, vouchers, or discounts.

Our dedicated team of experts will also help you build long-term trust and relationships through loyalty and reward programs. These programs are made effective and efficient by personalizing offers and automating points.

Not only will you retain more customers, but you’ll also boost your brand awareness and acquisition.


Different customers prefer different payment options for various reasons. Customers must be able
to make payments using methods that are convenient and trustworthy to them. Otherwise, you may
lose leads at the final step of the sales funnel after spending maximum resources to convert them.

Universell can help you set up a virtual PoS to accept and process payments. We work with most popular payment processors, such as MasterCard, Visa, Stripe, and PayPal.

Zero (or Low) Processing Fees

Typically, all credit card transactions are subject to a small processing fee of 2.87% and 4.35%. However, you can set up payments for your business in ways so that you enjoy lower, or even zero, fees.

This may seem small, but profit margins are fine when it comes to running an online business. We’ll help you negotiate the best rates to improve your profit margins or pass on savings to your customers.

Fast and Secure Payment Processing

At the minimum, all your online business transactions need to be securely encrypted. This helps prevent fraud which can hurt both your business and your customers. We will always set up secure, reliable, and efficient payment processing for you to protect your business and your customers.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Many businesses are still unsure how to provide crypto payment options in a way that’s secure and convenient. Universell can set up a secure and reliable cryptocurrency payment gateway for your business. Transactions can be processed within minutes with low fees (0 - 1%). With no charge-backs, fraud protection, and instant cash flow, your business interests will be protected.

Business Operations

As a business owner, you know there is no end to the daily tasks needed to keep your business
functioning. What you need are the right business tools to help you be more effective at managing
your time, collaboration, and employees. At the same time, you need to automate time-consuming
and repetitive tasks so you can focus on decision-making.

Universell takes it one step further by empowering you with a dedicated team of experts to oversee every aspect of your business.

Integrated Order Management

By automating specific tasks in the order pipeline, we assure faster and more accurate fulfillment. Minimal user interaction also means minimizing mistakes and the possibility of orders slipping through the cracks.

This will eliminate a lot of time-consuming and laborious tasks for you or your employees. It will also result in faster order fulfillment which means happier customers. For fulfillment, Universell partners with services like UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Uber Local Delivery and USPS.

Employee Management

Employees are your most valuable asset, so you need to ensure that you get the most out of them. Universell automates tracking your employees’ activity and makes communication and collaboration easier without being intrusive.

Task and time tracking: Effectively manage and communicate with your team. This allows you to track time, oversee employee activity, and assign tasks to your team members.

Payroll automation: Employees’ salaries or commissions will be automatically calculated based on their time tracking or sales. You can just review the automatically calculated numbers and keep tabs on performance and budget.

Advanced reports: You can run queries or generate reports against various teams, individual employees, locations, or tasks in your business. Aside from using reports to analyze performance, you can use them to optimize processes or costs.

Quickbooks Integration, and more…
Why reinvent the wheel?

Quickbooks is one of the best and most popular accounting tools for small-to-medium businesses today. It allows you to track expenses, manage cash flow, customize invoices, run financial reports, and simplify inventory management in a single location.

This is particularly useful during tax season as you’ll have complete oversight of your financials. Income and expenses will also automatically be sorted according to different tax categories. And, wherever you’re unsure, your dedicated business success manager will make sure your taxes are on track.

Universell integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks so that our customers can use its world-class accounting platform. All pertinent information will automatically be synced to Quickbooks for accounting and bookkeeping purposes.

Similarly, Universell connects with thousands of other apps that are commonly used for business or personal workflows. We enhance existing flows, making them more visible throughout your organization.

Reporting & Analytics

Universell features built-in reporting and analytics capabilities. We will help you use these tools to assess the performance of various campaigns. You can also dig deeper to understand why some initiatives succeed and others fail.

For example, you’ll be able to see who are your most valuable customers or market segments. Or what results in you gaining or losing customers. With this level of insight, you can make more informed future business decisions based on real, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Just some of the reports you’ll be able to access from your customizable dashboard are marketing campaign reports, detailed channel-wise breakdowns, performance vs. industry reports, and other in-depth analyses such as keywords, content suggestions, etc.

Grow and Expand

Growth is not just about adding on marketing efforts or a sales force to your business. You do need
to provide enjoyable and value-driven customer experiences. However, to make sure your efforts
are on target, you need to have insight into what works and what doesn’t.

With our ‘Grow’ features, you will have access to in-depth analytics to discover what strategies, campaigns, messaging, or audiences work best for your business. And it gets even better with ‘Expand’, when we formulate, execute, and repeat the best strategies for you.

Grow: Campaign-wise breakdown of your marketing efforts allowing you to compare your performance with your industry and peers. Our standard or custom dashboard features enable you to visualize the performance of your customer segments to optimize conversion and profits.

Expand: We collate marketing and customer data from all your sources, create and execute strategies with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) approach, and identify the best working combinations to repeat the success in the future.

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& productivity potential while saving
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