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Make unveiling innovation a reality with Universell. We provide the tools and experts for your Food & Beverage business.
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“Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient.”

CEO at Amazon

Market your brand
locally, and digitally

Set your brand to be the “top of mind” when it comes to your growing customer base.

Build your own website easily with a good SEO and without compromising aesthetics.

Adapt to the ever-changing market competition with our Document Management System.

Social Media Marketing Company
Ecommerce Business Ideas

Contactless ordering
in the new normal

Launch on-demand delivery potential with an Integrated Order Management to increase sales.

Maintain efficient customer service with a Virtual POS System in your food delivery or restaurant.

Boost your employees’ flexibility in labor scheduling with our Employee Task and Time Tracking.

Monitor business performance
across all channels

Run profit and loss reports, analyze performance, and make adjustments even with tight margins.

Simplify many business processes like payments to inventory, and receiving payments from customers.

Provide customers the convenience of paying bills for their orders to give them a quality experience.

Universell Key Features

Adapt to Personalization
with a Website Builder

Build a user-friendly online ordering system for food deliveries, or restaurants. Speed up the process of ordering, so customers can enjoy their food experience.


Administer highly
dynamic operations

Track your food inventories closely to better manage purchases and payments to vendors. Keep it consistent and improve efficiency. 


Accept payments through
POS without a threat

Receive payments without the threats of security. Offer your customers the flexibility to choose their mode of payment.


Authentic customer
conversations and chat

Deliver excellent food service with a great conversation. Communicate through live chat integrations with delivery partners, to know their inquiries, suggestions, and complaints.


Why Universell?

Universell is a Fully Managed Platform which comprises of all-in-one business tools meant for small business. We also provide expert staff to run the business so that the users don’t have to worry about building a team and all the other staffing hassle.

"Getting Universell has been a transformative change for my business and personal life. They take care of everything from getting a software to managing it on a day-to-day basis. All my marketing, payments, invoicing, and orders are finally in place, and I have more time available for myself."

SMB Owner

Two more reasons to absolutely love Universell

Unlock Growth
for your Business

  • In-depth analytics that you can implement today to double your sales
  • Discover how you are doing vs your industry peers
  • Find Analytics too complex? Don’t worry! We will make sense of all the numbers and implement growth strategies for you
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Say Hi! To your
Business Manager

  • Focus what you do best, and leave the rest to Universell
  • Your dedicated One-to-one business success manager will handle all routine business tasks.
  • Save the time and money required to build a team and start growing today!
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Expand your business by reaching customers across all channels and manage the same with a team of experts at your disposal.

Achieve 20% higher customer lifetime
value with Universell


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operational efficiency

Unlimited potential with us

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