Think beyond financial assets and diversify your bank’s revenue streams

We provide technology which enables banks to deliver next generation banking experience to their customers.

Turn your bank into an all-in-one customer platform.

Carve your bank’s own unique path to growth and establish
market leadership through differentiation

Growth and Establish Market Leadership

Move past the competition by expanding the whole pie!

Just going digital is not enough

Adapt with the market for limitless potential

Unlock infinite market
share potential


More revenue by
offering products
that stick*


Higher profit potential
by attracting high value
business customers*

*Based on financial performance of leading banks and as per industry research reports.

Redefining Bank Boundaries: A customer-centric approach to Digital Transformation

Your customers’ journey doesn’t stop at your Bank account, it starts there! Enable the digital
transformation not just for your bank, but for the entire ecosystem for your customers

“What Universell offers is beyond any digital transformation. They helped us offer a complete business ecosystem to our business customers. At the end of the day, we make more money, our customers make more money, its as win-win as it could get!”
Bank CTO

Amplify the power of your Bank Account and become
a technology platform for your customers’ business.
Go Beyond the competition!

Deliver value beyond financial assets by offering
sticky products to your customers

Banking as a Platform (BaaP)

100% white label
all-in-one Business Suite
for your customers

Through our Banking as a Platform (BaaP) you can offer your customers a full suite of banking, payment, web services, marketing and business management services via a comprehensive API.

Multiply Revenue
streams instantly

Discover new sources of non-interest income. After partnership setup and successful onboarding, you can launch your new services the next day, without investing years in technology.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Add an all-in-one business app marketplace
to house your product menu

Our partner banks’ customers save thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours every year
by having all the tools they need for business management in one place.
CRM for Network Marketing

CRM & Contacts

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing

Employee Management System


Loyalty Programs & Rewards

Loyalty Programs
& Rewards

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway


CRM Website Integration

Website Builder

Online POS System for Small Business

Online POS

Retail Inventory Management


Apps & Integration


Calendar & Scheduling

Calendar &

Tasks & Project Management

Tasks & Project

Analyze Marketing Campaigns

& Analytics

Free CRM for your clients

Offer your own CRM which can replace 10+ different tools, including Gmail, Hubspot, Hootsuite and more. Saves tens of thousands of dollars a year for your customers by offering it for free for life. Installation and support are on us!

We integrate with your current in-house merchant
service offering.


Regain lost payment
processing revenue

Don’t lose business to third party payment processors and providers such as Shopify, Stripe, etc. Become your clients’ primary payment partner. Integrate any gateway of your choice.

Become your clients’ primary payment partner - Use an existing gateway or we will custom integrate with the gateway of your choice.

Online POS for Small Business

White label POS Hardware

Our enhanced functionality machines are Integrated with multiple Secure POS terminals and gateways with enhanced Universell suite of applications that supports real time automation.

  • Cards, contactless payments, digital wallets, cryptocurrency
  • PCI, EMV Compliant

POS systems we work with:

Seamless experience via
a comprehensive API

  • Automate your Bank’s processes to all the way through your Customers’ businesses
  • Offer integrated cutting-edge products to complement your current offerings. Our favorite Example – Offer website with Payments to your priority customers

The support you can count on

customer success manager

Priority support included
with all our products.

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Training, retraining and
certifying your staff to sell,
grow and expand your limits.

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How Universell-powered Banking Platforms are
better than NeoBanks?

With Universell, your Bank can now challenge traditional & current banking paradigms
to build a more sustainable market dominance.

Stand out, or walk out!

Banks will lose 13% of market share to NeoBanks by 2022
NeoBanks & Fintech

The Banks we work with are growing every day


Improvement in growth
rate of customers by 20%
or 1.2 times


Added LTV to Bank
from one customer
on an average*


ROI of deploying
Universell Technology
and Services*

*Analyzed for a Bank with 100k SMB Customers and some other assumptions.
Performance is dependent on a multitude of factors and cannot be guaranteed.
Client Bank needs vary and can be customized

Reinvent your bank business model through
Universell’s cutting-edge technology