Helping Small Businesses Scale


Without Huge Investments.

Redefining Growth for Businesses

With a focus on results over investments, we provide advanced tools and services to simplify scaling. Our expert team bridges the gap for SMB owners, empowering them to grow and expand effortlessly

Our Mission

There is this notion with business, to grow, you need heavy funding and investments. Universell is working everyday to change that notion. We are experts in resource allocation and believe that scaling, if done the right way, is all about results, and not investments. That’s why we are creating a set of advanced tools and services which take away the complexity from businesses, freeing up more time for business owners to focus on growth.

Our Story

We are a team of experts with extensive background on SAAS, Payments Processing and Marketing that found a market gap were no platform truly helps SMB owners to grow and expand their business with an entire ecosystem, and we decided to create it.

Core Values

Scarcity is a motivator,
not an excuse

Be you, Do You

Keep promises and
deliver every day

Transparency, fairness
and optimism

Growth Mindset

Respect and

Our History


Beta Launch for private clients


We onboard clients from top US Banking Institutions.


Launch full ecosystem: Apps, tools, e-commerce, API, payment gateways, POS apps and Hardware


Launch of full service including "Done for You"

45 + apps

Why Choose Universell?

All The Apps You Need, Connected

45 state-of-the-art apps designed to super-charge your Clover POS, all in one place. This means your inventory, sales, loyalty programs, CRM, email marketing, customer data, and analytics are fully synchronized under an easy-to-use interface.

Guided Tutorials, Retail Masterclass

Our tutorials go beyond helping you to use our tools; they help you master the retail business. With each lesson, you gain not only proficiency in our apps but also strategic insight into enhancing your operations, marketing, and customer engagement to drive growth.

Actionable Analytics

Finally, analytics focused on helping your business grow without requiring a master’s degree . Our team of data scientists works for you, transforming complex data into clear metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly.

World Class Support Team

Our support team goes beyond helping you utilize our tools effectively, actively contributing to your business growth. Our team offers personalized guidance and strategic resources, ensuring you thrive in your industry, providing expertise and support.

All The Apps You Need, Connected
Guided Tutorials,
Retail Masterclass
World Class
Support Team

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