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Why become a Universell Partner?

The Universell Reseller Partner Program is designed to enable partners to expand their business while better serving, marketing and differentiating their offering with the help of Universell Tools and Support services.

10x your Revenue

Add both, fixed and recurring revenue streams to your business with up to 50% Revenue Sharing and $75/hr in services.

Free training for your and clients' teams

You will have access to our 27 x 7 Priority support via the Universell Hotline. You will have a dedicated support team that will perform customer training, assist in on boarding and account maintenance.

Complete Customization

Tailor configure the software to customer specific needs. Access to Universell training on software and apps. Maximize customer satisfaction and retention.

Wide portfolio of tools & softwares

Work in the area of your expertise to maximize the earnings potential. Choose from Web, Payments, Marketing, CRM, Logistics and much more and offer your clients End-to-end solutions.

100% White Label

With our Universell partner Plus program, you can sell all the tools and software as well as the services as your own.

Partner Portal and Marketing Support

We will provide you with co-marketing opportunities to reach out to more customers, custom marketing material, and onboarding templates via our Partner Portal.


The Universell Reseller Partner program has been a win-win for both, our agency and our clients. Thanks to Universell, we are now able to onboard and manage many more clients who benefit from their all-in-one platform, which is pretty much all they need. We get to increase our recurring income manifolds!



The Results We Deliver

Universell, the fastest and most profitable way to grow and expand your business

Increase Revenue to 2x

Boost your online presence. Retain customers. Attract new ones. Engage them with impactful email marketing, and track your results.

Reduce workload by1 week per Month

Streamline your inventory, gain insights, manage orders effortlessly, automate operations seamlessly, ensure smooth staff management, and leverage reporting.

Save Costs by $18k

One tool to replace 45+ apps. Thanks to our extensive and detailed Tutorials Library, you won’t need any training.

See How >

Calculate your Savings

Feature Hours Spent/mo
Multiple Tools in Setting Up/Running
Hours Spent/mo
Universell Build Plan
Time Cost Savings ($/mo)
Setup, Integration & Running
Other Tool Cost/mo
Payment Gateway 0.0 0.0 $0 $0
Website Builder 5.0 0.0 $150 $340
CRM & Contacts 5.0 0.0 $150
Orders & Virtual Terminal 0.0 0.0 $0
Email Marketing 17.7 11.1 $198
Loyalty, Gifts & Rewards 16.7 0.0 $500
Inventory & Accounting 30.0 25.0 $150
Employee Management & Payroll 20.0 15.0 $150
Calendar & Scheduling 0.0 0.0 $0
Cross-platform Integrations 15.0 0.0 $450
Advanced reporting & Analytics 20.0 5.0 $450
Messenger 0.0 0.0 $0 $25
Automation 5.0 0.0 $150
Total Impact ($) $4,031 $1,683 $2,348 $365
Total Gross Savings/mo $1,714
Less: Universell Build Plan Pricing (with 10x more features) $199
Total Savings/mo for Universell Customers $199
Annual Saving $18,174


How it works?

Select Products

As per your existing and potential offerings

Get Certified

Online training, approximately 7 hours

Grow your Business by 10X!

Up to 100% one-time and 50% ongoing monthly revenue share

Universell Certified Reseller Partner Calculator


One-time income


Monthly Recuring Income

Revenue share of 10-20% depending on product. The above calculation is based on Website, CRM and Marketing Tools

Disclaimer – Use of this Partner Calculator (“Calculator”) does not create any contract or obligations between you and Universell and Universell does not provide any guarantee of actual earnings. All results of the Calculator are estimates only and cannot be relied on as an indicator of future results. Actual Partner commissions and incentives depend on a number of factors, including number of clients, cost of Universell Services and set up fees, retainer fees you choose, and commission rates and incentives that may apply under your particular Partner Agreement.

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