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POS Integration

Universell’s integration with Clover optimizes retail operations by connecting with Clover’s POS systems for cohesive sales and payment management. This collaboration enhances customer interactions and streamlines business processes through Universell’s apps and Clover’s payment solutions, helping retailers boost sales efficiency and customer engagement.

Universell offers GoDaddy integration solutions to simplify client operations in website management, domain registration, and hosting. Our services ensure seamless syncing of customer data and website optimization. By leveraging GoDaddy’s platform with our expertise, clients can boost their online presence and grow digitally.

PAX has partnered with Universell to enhance its POS systems, providing businesses with improved transaction processing, inventory management, and customer engagement. This collaboration allows seamless data synchronization between PAX POS systems and other applications via Universell’s platform, ensuring real-time insights and streamlined operations for better customer experiences.

Quickbooks Integration

Universell’s QuickBooks integration simplifies accounting by automatically syncing order details, customer info, and financial data, eliminating manual errors and ensuring consistency. This integration enables you to access daily financial updates, empowering you to make informed decisions and actively improve financial management efficiency.

Gather data from all channels

Get in control of your financials and taxes

Get a full picture of profit and loss in real time

Orders Integration


Leverage our integration with UPS that offers advanced tracking capabilities, opportunities for negotiation, and volume discounting, particularly for larger packages.


Partnering with USPS provides cost-effective solutions for smaller package deliveries, utilizing their extensive national network to offer reliable service at competitive rates.


FedEx integration enhances our platform with not only speedy delivery but it also offers branded and custom packaging solutions, seamless platform integration, and tailored services to meet diverse business needs.

Uber Direct

By integrating with Uber Direct, we ensure swift local delivery, taking advantage of their vast network of drivers for immediate, same-day delivery services.

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Hannah Schmitt

Since adopting Universell, managing our store has become significantly easier. Everything from our website to the Universell Store and QuickBooks is synced, eliminating the need for manual updates. The POS system simplifies transactions, and our delivery processes are more efficient than ever. Universell has truly transformed our operations, enabling us to focus on business growth.

May 8, 2020

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