A Retailer's Dream Toolkit

Your perfect set of tools – making the dream team for your shop.

Marketing & Customers

Empower your business with out Marketing & Customers suite for enhanced engagement and growth. From agvanced CRM personalized marketing tools, elevate your efforts and build lasting customer relationships.


Manage customer relationships effectively with our comprehensive CRM tool.

E-Commerce Fast Shop

Set up an online store quickly and easily to start selling your products.

Portfolio / Business Website

Showcase your business or portfolio with a professional and customizable website.

Landing Pages

Create engaging landing pages to capture leads and drive conversions.

Custom Website Design

Get a unique and tailored website design to reflect your brand identity.

SMS & Email Marketing

Reach out to your customers effectively through SMS and email campaigns.

Gift Cards

Offer gift cards to your customers, boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Rewards and Loyalty

Implement loyalty programs to reward your customers and encourage reapeat purchases.

Promotional Campaigns

Run targeted promotional campaigns to attract new customers and boost sales.

Lead Catcher

Capture and nurture leads from your website visitors with our lead catcher tool.

Ticket Catcher

Manage customer inquiries and support tickets efficiently with our ticket catcher feature.

Appointment Catcher

Streamline appointment scheduling and bookings with our appointment catcher tool.


Streamline tasks and boost productivity with automation solutions.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage inventory, vendors, and purchase orders. Streamline stock management and reporting for optimized operations. Gain insights and control over your supply chain. Elevate your business with our intuitive inventory management solution.

Inventory Management

Efficiently track, monitor, and control your inventory with ease with built-in stock management.

Vendor Management

Effectively oversee and manage your vendor relationships, transactions, and purchase orders.

Stock Reporting

Track stock levels and analyze trends for informed decisions with our Stock Reporting feature.

Business Operations

Streamline your business operations with our robust toolkit, simplifying tasks and maximizing efficiency. From Inventory and Vendor Management to Orders & Shipping and Financial Reports, manage every aspect of your operations effortlessly.

Orders & Shipping

Manage orders and shipping logistics seamlessly from one platform.

E-Sign Agreement

Simplify document signing processes with our electronic signature agreement feature.

Employee Management

Streamline your workforce management and scheduling processes.

Schedule Me

Empower your customers to schedule appointments and services online.

Financial Reports

Gain valuable insights into your business’s financial health with comprehensive reports.

QB Reports

Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks for enhanced financial reporting and analysis.


Utilize advanced tools to track and analyze key performance metrics for informed decision-making.


Simplify payments and drive financial success with our suite. From professional Invoices to secure transactions, gain insights with Transaction Reports and accept payments hassle-free.


Create and send professional invoices to your customers effortlessly.

Payment Catcher

Capture and process payments securely with our payment catcher tool.

Transaction Report

Gain insights into your payment transactions with detailed transaction reports.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments easily through a virtual terminal, no physical card reader required.

Tools & Utilities

Boost productivity with our suite, streamlining workflow and communication. From effective scheduling with Calendar to seamless customer and team communication, stay connected and productive anytime, anywhere.


Organize your schedule and appointments efficiently with our integrated calendar.


Manage customer inquiries and support tickets seamlessly from one platform.


Keep track of important information and ideas with our note-taking tool.

Video & Phone Calls

Connect with customers and team members through video and phone calls.


Set personalized reminders for important tasks and deadlines to stay on track.


Stay organized and manage your messages and communications effectively.


Communicate with customers and team members in real-time through our messaging platform.


Access a suite of essential tools and utilities to streamline your workflow and operations.



Our Most Loved Features

Omni-channel Inventory Management

Keep track of every item, whether it’s in the back room or on the web. Our system syncs your store and online shop, so you’re always stocked up and ready to sell

Customer Relationship Management

Build lasting relationships with your customers. Our CRM tools help you understand customer preferences, manage interactions, and create personalized marketing campaigns that boost loyalty and sales.

E-commerce & Orders Management

Make a lasting impression online. Our e-commerce platforms are fully customizable, allowing you to create beautiful, user-friendly sites that showcase your products and convert visitors into buyers. Track and Fulfil orders in a breeze, on time.

Marketing & Engagement

Reach customers directly and increase engagement with targeted SMS and email campaigns that drive sales and brand loyalty.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Encourage repeat business with our integrated rewards, referrals and loyalty system that makes it easy to create and manage programs that customers love.

Payments and Finance Operations

From billing to invoicing, our payment solutions simplify financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Appointment and Booking Systems

Never double-book or miss an appointment again with our intuitive scheduling tools designed for both you and your customers’ convenience.

Automated Operations

From Order to Staff management – automate all routine tasks and free up time for you to focus on growing your business.

Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions with our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that give you insights into every aspect of your business.

Seamless Communication

Stay on top of communications with our messaging system that ensures you and your team are always aligned and informed.

Staff & Payroll Management

Track employee clock-in and outs, generate payroll reports, manage sales commissions and create & organize employee trainings.




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Streamlining Daily Operations

Automate the mundane with our tools, giving you back valuable time to invest in customer experience and business growth.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our platform demystifies data, providing clear, actionable insights that help you make strategic decisions with confidence.