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Frequently Asked Questions

To access the Web Dashboard, open your browser and go to Log in using your existing app credentials to get started.

Using both the App and Web Dashboard provides seamless access across devices, allowing you to manage tasks on the go with the app and utilize advanced features on the web. The Web Dashboard offers powerful reports and in-depth analytics, while data syncing ensures that all your information is up-to-date across platforms. This integrated approach enhances productivity, flexibility, and informed decision-making.

Universell Web offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to streamline operations and drive growth. From robust project management tools to detailed analytics and customizable workflows, Universell Web empowers you to make informed decisions, automate routine tasks, and scale your business efficiently. With features such as sales and CRM, inventory management, and financial management, Universell Web provides the tools you need to optimize your operations and support your business growth effectively.

Yes, we provide a demo version of Universell Web for your convenience. Simply click on to access the demo, no sign-up or login required. Once you’re satisfied with the platform, you can create an account directly to start using Universell Web for your business needs.

To sign up for a Universell Web account, visit our website and click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill out the required information, including your name, email address, and desired password. After entering your details, you’ll be prompted to select a plan that best fits your business needs. Once you’ve chosen a plan, complete the registration process. You’re all set to start using Universell Web for your business.